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Series resonant frequency refers to the frequency at which the reactance of an inductor equals the reactance of a capacitor, both being connected in series in an LC circuit. At this frequency, the impedance of the circuit is at its minimum and the circuit is said to be in resonance. This concept finds a substantial application in fields like electrical engineering, telecommunications, and radio broadcasting.

Series Resonance in LC Circuit Calculator
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Example Formula

The formula for series resonant frequency (f) in terms of inductance (L) and capacitance (C) is:

f = 1 / (2π × sqrt(L × C))
  1. f: Series resonant frequency (in hertz, Hz)
  2. L: Inductance of the inductor (in henries, H)
  3. C: Capacitance of the capacitor (in farads, F)
  4. π: Pi, approximately 3.14159

Who wrote/refined the formula

The formula for series resonant frequency is a fundamental result of the analysis of LC circuits, a cornerstone in electrical engineering. The development of this formula was a collective effort of many scientists over the years, with notable contributions from Michael Faraday, James Clerk Maxwell, and Oliver Heaviside.

Real Life Application

One of the key applications of series resonant frequency is in the design of radio and television transmitters and receivers. They are used to tune to the right frequency to receive the correct channel. Also, the concept is widely used in designing various filters and oscillators in electronics.

Key individuals in the discipline

Faraday, Maxwell, and Heaviside were the key individuals in the field of electrical engineering and electromagnetism. Their discoveries and theories set the foundation for understanding and manipulating electrical circuits, leading to many advancements in modern technology.

Interesting Facts

  1. Series resonant circuits are used in quartz clocks where they help to provide the precise frequency necessary for accurate timekeeping.
  2. The invention and development of radio and television broadcasting were heavily dependent on the principles of series resonance.
  3. The understanding and manipulation of resonant frequencies have not only changed the field of physics but also transformed humanity by bringing about the era of wireless communication.


The series resonant frequency is a foundational concept in many fields of physics and engineering. Understanding it enables us to design and optimize a wide range of electronic devices, and has been instrumental in driving advancements in wireless communication.

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