Physics Section 2 - Vectors and Scalars

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In the Vectors and Scalars section of Physics we explore Physics Tutorials which guide you through the various skills and learning material within this section. We also provide online Vectors and Scalars Calculators which allow you to calculate specific Vectors and Scalars formula in support of the tutorials or to check and verify your own calculations in support of your homework, coursework or thesis.

In this Vectors and Scalars section of Physics we cover the following topics:

Vectors and Scalars Learning Material and Vectors and Scalars Study Aide
Tutorial IDTitleTutorialVideo
2.1Vectors and Scalars
2.2Addition and Subtraction of Vectors
2.3Multiplication of a Vector by a Scalar
2.4Dot (Scalar) Product of Two Vectors
2.5Vector Product of Two Vectors
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Vectors and Scalars in Physics - Section Snapshot

This section, that belongs to mathematical physics, provides useful information on vectors as necessary elements of physical quantities that involve direction. A number of vector properties such as the meaning of a vector (and where it differ from a scalar), magnitude, argument and components are discussed. In addition, operations with vectors such as addition, subtraction, dot and cross product of two vectors and multiplication of a vector by a scalar are explained in detail. These tutorials cover a number of key physical quantities which will be referred to in our other physics tutorials within differing sections so it is important to have a good understanding of this topic.

Vectors and Scalars Calculators

The following Physics Calculators are provided in support of the Vectors and Scalars tutorials.

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