Physics Section 3 - Kinematics

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In the Kinematics section of Physics we explore Physics Tutorials which guide your through the various skills and learning material within this section. We also provide online Kinematics Calculators which allow you to calculate specific Kinematics formula in support of the tutorials or to check and verify your own calculations in support of your homework, coursework or thesis.

Kinematics in Physics - Table of Contents

This section is about Kinematics - the branch of physics that studies the motion of objects without analyzing the factors that cause this motion. A number of physical quantities such as position, displacement, distance, velocity, speed and acceleration are explained along with the classification of motion according to specific criteria. In addition, the differences between apparently similar quantities such as displacement and distance, speed and velocity are explained in detail. Other key areas discussed in this section include interpretation of motion graphs, equations of motion, two and three-dimensional motion, relative motion and much more.

In this Kinematics section of Physics we cover the following topics:

Kinematics Learning Material and Kinematics Study Aide
Tutorial IDTitleTutorialVideo
3.1Motion. Types of Motion
3.2Position, Reference Point
3.3Displacement and Distance in 1 Dimension
3.4Displacement and Distance in 2 and 3 Dimensions
3.5Speed and Velocity in 1 Dimension
3.6Speed and Velocity in 2 and 3 Dimensions
3.7The Meaning of Acceleration. Constant and Non-Constant Acceleration. Gravitational Acceleration
3.8Equations of Motion
3.9Position v's Time and Distance v's Time Graph
3.10Velocity v's Time and Speed v's Time Graph
3.11Acceleration v's Time Graph
3.12Motion in Two Dimensions. Projectile Motion
3.13Relative Motion
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Kinematics Calculators

The following Physics Calculators are provided in support of the Kinematics tutorials.