Physics Section 18 - Relativity

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Relativity in Physics - Table of Contents

In this Relativity section of Physics we cover the topics listed in the table below, each topic has a written tutorial (which you can read on your screen, print to read or use a web reader), a video tutorial, revision notes, revision questions and supporting calculators which allow you to check your own computations and calculations.

Relativity Learning Material
Tutorial IDTitleTutorialVideo
18.1Relativity. Galilean Transformations. Einstein's Postulates and Newton's Laws
18.2Classical Principle of Relativity
18.3Space and Time in Einstein Theory of Relativity
18.4Relativistic Transformation of Velocity and the Relativistic Doppler Effect
18.5Lorentz Transformations
18.6Relativistic Dynamics. Mass, Impulse and Energy in Relativity
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Relativity Snapshot

Relativity Calculators and Relativity Tutorials by iCalculator

This section includes concepts like inertial frames of reference, various types of transformations (Galilean and Lorentz ones) on position and velocity, comparisons between the classical and modern relativity, Einstein postulates, spacetime coordinates, changes in length, time and mass in relativistic events and the corresponding equations, relativistic dynamics (mass, energy and impulse), and many more.

Relativity Calculators

In addition to the Relativity tutorials, we also provide online Relativity Calculators which allow you to calculate specific Relativity formula in support of the tutorials or to check and verify your own calculations in support of your homework, coursework or thesis.

The following Physics Calculators are provided in support of the Relativity tutorials.