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Differential pressure is a critical concept in the fields of Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics. It is the difference in pressure between two points, often measured across a restriction or along a pipeline carrying fluid. Understanding and calculating differential pressure is essential for controlling and optimizing many types of fluid systems. In this tutorial, we'll explore how to compute differential pressure using parameters such as change in pressure, pipe diameter, fluid density, and mass flow rate.

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Example Formula

A common formula used to calculate differential pressure (ΔP) in a fluid system is derived from Bernoulli's equation:

ΔP = ρ × g × h

And for flow in a pipe, the formula is based on the Darcy-Weisbach equation:

ΔP = (4 × f × L × ρ × v2) / (2 × g × D)


  1. ΔP: Differential pressure (in Pascal, Pa)
  2. ρ: Fluid density (in kilograms per cubic meter, kg/m3)
  3. g: Acceleration due to gravity (in meters per second squared, m/s2)
  4. h: Height difference between the two points (in meters, m)
  5. f: Friction factor (dimensionless)
  6. L: Length of the pipe (in meters, m)
  7. v: Velocity of fluid (in meters per second, m/s)
  8. D: Diameter of the pipe (in meters, m)

Who wrote/refined the formula

These formulas have evolved from the work of multiple scientists over the centuries. The first formula is a simplified form of Bernoulli's equation, named after Daniel Bernoulli who presented it in 1738. The second formula is derived from the Darcy-Weisbach equation, developed in the mid-19th century by Henry Darcy and Julius Weisbach.

Real Life Application

Differential pressure is crucial in various real-life applications such as pipeline flow calculations, in HVAC systems to ensure adequate air distribution, in pressure sensors for fluid level measurements, and in filter monitoring to determine when filters need replacing.

Key individuals in the discipline

Notable individuals include Daniel Bernoulli, a Dutch-Swiss mathematician who made significant contributions to fluid dynamics, and Henry Darcy, a French scientist known for his pioneering work in the field of hydrology.

Interesting Facts

  • Differential pressure is key to the functioning of the airplane wing or airfoil design, leading to the lift force necessary for flight.
  • The Bernoulli's principle derived from differential pressure has helped in the design of the Venturi effect used in carburetors and atomizers.
  • Darcy's work has shaped our understanding and management of groundwater resources.


Understanding differential pressure and its calculations are integral to various practical applications in fields ranging from engineering to environmental science. Continued exploration and learning in this domain will undoubtedly unlock further applications and advancements in the future.

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