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The will calculate the:

  1. Pressure of light when the intensity of light beam and the incident angle are known.

Calculation Parameters: Medium of propagation is assumed as vacuum

Light Pressure Calculator
Light Pressure Calculator Results (detailed calculations and formula below)
The power of light (P) is W [Watt]
Power of light (P) calculation
P = I/c ∙ (1 + r) ∙ cos2θ
P = / ∙ (1 + ) ∙ cos()2
P = 2
P =
P =
Light Pressure Calculator Input Values
Intensity of incident light (I) W/m2 [Watt per square metre]
Coefficient of reflection (r)
Angle of light incidence (θ) ° [degree]
Speed of light (c) m/s [metre per second]

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Discover Physics with free Physics Revision Notes and Physics Calculator: Light Pressure. This image shows the properties and light pressure formula for the Light Pressure. The Light Pressure Calculator will calculate the Pressure of light when the intensity of light beam and the incident angle are known

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Power of light Formula and Calculation

P = I/c ∙ (1 + r) ∙ cos2θ

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