Physics Tutorial 2.1 - Vectors and Scalars

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There are 3 lessons in this physics tutorial covering Vectors and Scalars. The tutorial starts with an introduction to Vectors and Scalars and is then followed with a list of the separate lessons, the tutorial is designed to be read in order but you can skip to a specific lesson or return to recover a specific physics lesson as required to build your physics knowledge of Vectors and Scalars. you can access all the lessons from this tutorial below.

In addition to the tutorial for Vectors and Scalars on this page, you can also access the following Vectors and Scalars learning resources for Vectors and Scalars

In this Physics tutorial, you will learn:

  • What are vectors? What are scalars?
  • How do vectors and scalars in Physics differ from those in Mathematics?
  • How can we express a vector quantity in components?
  • How to find the magnitude of a vector quantity when the components are given?
  • How to find the angle formed by a vector with a certain direction?


Let's consider the following scenarios to understand the point.

  1. Your cousin has just arrived in your city. She calls you and asks to come and pick her with your car. When you ask her for the location she replies: "I am 2 km away from the city hall."
  2. Your father tells you to pull the dining table, as he wants to make place to a plant pot.
  3. You are lost in ocean during a trip with your ship. You don't have any mobile phone, radio or other tools of communication but only a map and a compass.
  4. You are told to kick a ball in a given direction but you are not able to see the person who told you to do so.

Are the information provided above complete? Do you need to know any other thing in each of the above scenarios?

Please select a specific "Vectors and Scalars" lesson from the table below, review the video tutorial, print the revision notes or use the practice question to improve your knowledge of this physics topic.

Vectors and Scalars Learning Material
Tutorial IDPhysics Tutorial TitleTutorialVideo
2.1Vectors and Scalars
Lesson IDPhysics Lesson TitleLessonVideo
2.1.1Vectors and Scalars
2.1.2Vectors and scalars in Physics
2.1.3Components of a vector

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Please provide a rating, it takes seconds and helps us to keep this resource free for all to use

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