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Within the realm of Electromagnetism, a branch of Physics, the depolarizing field is a term describing the internal electric field generated in a polarized material, acting to cancel the polarization. This tutorial will outline how to calculate the depolarizing field, considering variables like the depolarizing factor, polarization, and the permittivity of the vacuum.

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Example Formula

The formula for the depolarizing field (Ed) is:

Ed = - N × P / ε0


  1. Ed: Depolarizing field (in volts per meter, V/m)
  2. N: Depolarizing factor (dimensionless, depends on the shape of the material)
  3. P: Polarization of the material (in coulombs per square meter, C/m2)
  4. ε0: Permittivity of vacuum (in farads per meter, F/m)

Who wrote/refined the formula

The concept of the depolarizing field arises from the work of numerous scientists over centuries, involved in the development of electromagnetism. The formula, as we know it today, has been refined over time with advancements in the understanding of electric fields and material polarization.

Real Life Application

In real-world scenarios, understanding the depolarizing field is crucial for the development and functioning of ferroelectric materials and devices, such as sensors, actuators, and memory devices in electronics.

Key individuals in the discipline

While many individuals have contributed to the field of electromagnetism, James Clerk Maxwell stands out for his formulation of the four fundamental equations of electromagnetism, known as Maxwell's Equations, in the 19th century. These equations form the basis of modern electromagnetic theory.

Interesting Facts

  • Depolarizing fields play a crucial role in the functioning of capacitors, a key component of many electronic devices.
  • The study of depolarizing fields has greatly contributed to the miniaturization of electronic components, enabling the development of portable devices that we use daily.
  • The understanding of depolarizing fields and polarization effects has drastically advanced our capabilities in fields such as telecommunications, computing, and data storage.


Comprehension of the depolarizing field is essential in many areas of Physics and Engineering, particularly in electromagnetism and materials science. The ability to calculate and manipulate depolarizing fields is a fundamental aspect of designing and working with polarized materials, impacting a wide range of technologies and industries.

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