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Vector displacement is a fundamental concept in Physics, particularly within the fields of Kinematics and Dynamics. It represents the shortest distance between two points in a particular direction. Unlike scalar quantities, vectors have both magnitude and direction. The displacement vector is therefore different from distance, as it does not depend on the path taken, but simply on the initial and final positions. In this tutorial, we'll focus on calculating the displacement vector based on the coordinates of two points, P(x, y) and Q(x, y).

Vector Displacement Calculator
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Example Formula

The displacement vector from point P to Q can be found using the following formulas:

Δx = Qx - Px
Δy = Qy - Py


  1. Δx represents the displacement in the x-direction.
  2. Δy represents the displacement in the y-direction.
  3. Px and Py are the x and y coordinates of point P respectively.
  4. Qx and Qy are the x and y coordinates of point Q respectively.

Who wrote/refined the formula

The principles and mathematics behind vectors and displacement were established and refined by many scientists over centuries. While it's challenging to credit a specific individual with the formulation of these calculations, it's worth noting that vector analysis became a significant mathematical tool in the 19th century, largely thanks to Josiah Willard Gibbs and Oliver Heaviside.

Real Life Application

In navigation, understanding vector displacement is crucial. It helps navigators identify the shortest route from one location to another, hence saving time and fuel. This applies to all forms of transport, including driving, sailing, flying, and even hiking.

Key individuals in the discipline

Many scientists have contributed to our understanding of vectors and displacement. Prominent among them are Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz, who are credited with the development of calculus, the mathematical discipline that's central to understanding vector quantities. In the 19th century, Gibbs and Heaviside played pivotal roles in the development of vector analysis.

Interesting Facts

  1. Vector displacement is not just used in Physics, but also in computer graphics, where it is used to track the movement of objects.
  2. The understanding and calculation of vector displacement has revolutionized navigation and transport, leading to more efficient routes and substantial fuel savings.
  3. The concept of vector displacement is essential in video games and virtual reality, where it helps create realistic movements and interactions.


The concept of Vector Displacement is a fundamental principle in Physics, playing a crucial role in fields such as Kinematics and Dynamics. Understanding this concept provides key insights into how objects move and interact in space, with wide-ranging applications from navigation to computer graphics.

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