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kVA stands for kilovolt-ampere and is a unit used to measure apparent power in electrical systems. It is commonly used in electrical power systems for load calculations. The concept of single and three-phase kVA is particularly important in the fields of Physics and Electrical Engineering, specifically in power systems engineering.

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Example Formula

The formulas for single and three-phase kVA are given as follows:

For single-phase:

kVA = V × I / 1000

For three-phase:

kVA = √3 × V × I / 1000
  1. kVA: Apparent power (in kilovolt-amperes)
  2. V: Voltage (in volts, V)
  3. I: Current (in amperes, A)
  4. √3: Square root of 3 (approx. 1.732), only in three-phase calculation

Who wrote/refined the formula

The formulas for single and three-phase kVA are fundamental principles in electrical engineering. These formulas have been refined over time by many scientists and engineers studying and working in the field of power systems.

Real Life Application

Calculating kVA is crucial in the design and operation of electrical power systems. In real life, it is used by electrical engineers for designing the power infrastructure of buildings, factories, and cities. It also helps in estimating the load capacity of transformers, generators, and distribution systems.

Key individuals in the discipline

While the concept of kVA and its calculation is a collective achievement of many scientists and engineers, figures like Nikola Tesla, Michael Faraday, and James Clerk Maxwell have significantly contributed to our understanding of electrical power and its related principles.

Interesting Facts

  1. Three-phase power systems are more efficient than single-phase systems and are typically used in industrial and commercial settings, whereas single-phase systems are common in residential areas.
  2. The understanding and calculation of kVA have significantly impacted the development of electrical infrastructure and have changed the way we generate, transmit, and use electrical power.


Understanding the concept of kVA and being able to calculate it for single and three-phase systems are essential skills for anyone studying or working in electrical engineering. This fundamental understanding is vital for the effective design and operation of electrical power systems, contributing significantly to modern energy infrastructure.

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