Self Inductance Using Magnetic Flux Calculator

In physics, particularly in the discipline of electromagnetism, self-inductance is a concept that describes the opposition of a coil (or an inductor) to changes in current passing through it. This opposition stems from the magnetic field, or flux, produced by the coil. The self-inductance depends on the number of turns in the coil, the magnetic flux through the coil, and the current flowing in it.

Self Inductance Using Magnetic Flux Calculator
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Example Formula

The formula to calculate self-inductance (L) using the magnetic flux (Φ) is as follows:

L = N × (Φ/I)
  1. L: Self-inductance of the coil (in henries, H)
  2. N: Number of turns in the coil
  3. Φ: Magnetic flux through the coil (in webers, Wb)
  4. I: Current flowing through the coil (in amperes, A, named after the French physicist André-Marie Ampère)

Who wrote/refined the formula

The concept of magnetic flux and its relationship with self-inductance was refined over time by various scientists. Joseph Henry and Michael Faraday, independently, are accredited for their discoveries in magnetic flux and inductance in the 19th century.

Real Life Application

The principle of self-inductance using magnetic flux is used in various electronic components like inductors and transformers. For example, transformers used in power lines work on the principle of self-inductance, where they help in stepping up or stepping down the voltage levels.

Key individuals in the discipline

Michael Faraday and Joseph Henry were key individuals in this discipline. Faraday's discovery of electromagnetic induction in 1831, and Henry's discovery of self-inductance independently, were critical in the evolution of electromagnetic theory. Their contributions laid the foundation for various real-world applications including electric motors and transformers.

Interesting Facts

  1. Self-inductance and magnetic flux are the basis of functioning for many everyday devices like speakers, electric motors, and transformers.
  2. These principles have revolutionized the world by enabling the widespread use of electricity. They laid the groundwork for the development of the electrical power grid and a vast array of electric appliances.
  3. The unit of inductance, the 'Henry', was named after Joseph Henry in recognition of his contributions to the field of electromagnetism.


Self-inductance using magnetic flux is a fundamental concept in the field of electromagnetism and forms the basis for many electrical devices. Its understanding allows for the design and manipulation of electrical circuits, essential in our technologically advanced world.

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