Physics Tutorial 7.1 - Kinematics of Rotational Motion

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There are 4 lessons in this physics tutorial covering Kinematics of Rotational Motion. The tutorial starts with an introduction to Kinematics of Rotational Motion and is then followed with a list of the separate lessons, the tutorial is designed to be read in order but you can skip to a specific lesson or return to recover a specific physics lesson as required to build your physics knowledge of Kinematics of Rotational Motion. you can access all the lessons from this tutorial below.

In this Physics tutorial, you will learn:

  • The meaning of some quantities used as a background in the study of rotation, such as radius of curvature, period and frequency of rotation.
  • Quantities involved in kinematics of uniform rotational motion, such as angular displacement and angular velocity.
  • Quantities involved in kinematics of non-uniform rotational motion, such as angular acceleration and change in angular velocity.
  • The relationship between linear and rotational quantities
  • The meaning and formula of centripetal acceleration.
  • Equations of all abovementioned quantities (there are more than one equation for each quantity)
Rotation Learning Material
Tutorial IDTitleTutorialVideo
7.1Kinematics of Rotational Motion


Do you think the periperal points of a minute hand move at the same speed for a wall clock and a hand clock? Why?

Do you think the two abovementioned minute hands rotate at the same rate? Why?

In this tutorial you will understand why it is not enough to know only the moving velocity or speed for objects revolving around a fixed point. There are other paramaters to take into consideration if we want to make a thorough study of rotational motion. So, let's discuss them one by one.

Please select a specific "Kinematics of Rotational Motion" lesson from the table below, review the video tutorial, print the revision notes or use the practice question to improve your knowledge of this physics topic.

Rotation Learning Material
Tutorial IDPhysics Tutorial TitleTutorialVideo
7.1Kinematics of Rotational Motion
Lesson IDPhysics Lesson TitleLessonVideo
7.1.1Understanding Some Useful Quantities of Rotational Motion as a Background
7.1.2Kinematics of Uniform Circular Motion
7.1.3Uniformly Accelerated (Decelerated) Rotational Motion
7.1.4The Meaning of Centripetal Acceleration

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