Power and Efficiency Calculator

The Power and Efficiency Calculator is provided in support of our Physics Tutorials on Work, Energy and Motion which explores Motion, the different types of energy, kinetic energy, gravitational potential energy, elastic potential energy. power and efficiency with practical working examples and formula. A list of the supporting Work and Energy Physics Tutorials is available at the bottom of this page. This calculator will calculate:

  1. Output power of a machine
  2. Efficiency of a machine when input and output parameters are given
Power and Efficiency Calculator
Results (detailed calculations and formula below)
Output Power (Pout) W
Efficiency [ Equation 1 ] (e)
Efficiency [ Equation 2 ] (e)


  1. When an object moves vertically, the distance Δx represents the height h. Also, sometimes the force F needed to move an object represents the weight of the object itself.
  2. Efficiency has no associated unit

Please note that the formula for each calculation along with detailed calculations is shown further below this page. As you enter the specific factors of each force calcualtion, the Power and Efficiency Calculator will automatically calculate the results and update the formula elements with each element of the force calculation. You can then email or print this power and efficiency calculation as required for later use.

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Output Power Formula and Calculation

Pout = F × ∆x/t
Pout = × /
Pout = W (Watt)

Efficiency Formula and Calculation [ Equation 1 ]

Equation 1 provides efficiency as a measurement of Input Power Ptot and the Output Power Pout calculated in the previous equation.

e = Pout/Ptot × 100%
e = / × 100%
e =

Efficiency Formula and Calculation [ Equation 2 ]

Equation 2 provides efficiency as a measurement of Input Energy Etot

e = F × ∆x/Etot × 100%
e = × / × 100%
e = / × 100%
e =

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