Physics Tutorial 12.2 - Reflection of Light

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There are 4 lessons in this physics tutorial covering Reflection of Light. The tutorial starts with an introduction to Reflection of Light and is then followed with a list of the separate lessons, the tutorial is designed to be read in order but you can skip to a specific lesson or return to recover a specific physics lesson as required to build your physics knowledge of Reflection of Light. you can access all the lessons from this tutorial below.

In this Physics tutorial, you will learn:

  • What is reflection of waves in general and that of light in particular?
  • How many types of reflection are there?
  • How do the features of reflecting surfaces affect the reflection of light?
  • What happens to light when it falls on objects?
  • Why do we use the concept of normal line in reflection?
  • What do the Laws of Reflection say?

Introduction to Reflection of Light

How it is possible that you can see the image of yourself on a mirror but you cannot see it on a wall or a door?

Why do we clearly see objects around us during the day despite we are inside a building and we are not directly exposed to sunlight?

Why are we burned at beach even when we stay all the day under the umbrella?

Why it seems like being a water pond at the end of the road in front of us when we are driving on a straight road during a hot summer day?

All these questions are related to a very important phenomenon that occurs in waves in general and in light waves in particular we will discuss in this tutorial. It is known as reflection and it is an integral part of our everyday lives.

Please select a specific "Reflection of Light" lesson from the table below, review the video tutorial, print the revision notes or use the practice question to improve your knowledge of this physics topic.

Optics Learning Material
Tutorial IDPhysics Tutorial TitleTutorialVideo
12.2Reflection of Light
Lesson IDPhysics Lesson TitleLessonVideo
12.2.1What is Reflection?
12.2.2Reflection of Light. Types of Reflection
12.2.3What Happens to Light When it Falls on Objects?
12.2.4Laws of Reflection

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