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Example Formula

The formula to calculate the momentum of an object is:

p = m × v


  1. p: Momentum
  2. m: Mass of the object
  3. v: Velocity of the object

Who wrote/refined the formula

The concept of momentum was originated in the works of Galileo Galilei and Sir Isaac Newton. It is Newton's second law of motion, published in his "Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica" in 1687, that gave us the formal definition of momentum we use today.

Real Life Application

Momentum plays a critical role in understanding the motion of objects in daily life. For example, in vehicle collisions, the principle of conservation of momentum helps forensic investigators recreate the events leading up to the crash.

Key individuals in the discipline

Sir Isaac Newton is a key figure in the study of momentum. His three laws of motion, published in the 17th century, laid the foundation for classical mechanics. Newton's second law established the relationship between force, mass, and acceleration, thereby defining momentum.

Interesting Facts

  1. The principle of conservation of momentum, a direct consequence of Newton's laws, is fundamental in the study of physics. It is used to solve problems ranging from particle collisions in accelerators to the behavior of galaxies.
  2. The concept of momentum has been extended from classical mechanics to other areas of physics, including quantum mechanics and relativistic mechanics. In quantum mechanics, for instance, momentum takes on a very different interpretation and plays a crucial role in the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.
  3. Understanding momentum and its conservation has helped humanity master the science of motion, enabling inventions from the simple wheel to advanced rocket propulsion systems.


Momentum is a fundamental concept in physics. Its principles have helped shape our understanding of motion, from the smallest particles to the largest galaxies. Understanding and applying the concept of momentum is vital to advancements in science, engineering, and technology.

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