Lorentz Force Calculator

The Lorentz Force Calculator will calculate the:

  1. The magnitude of Lorentz Force produced when a charged object is inside a uniform magnetic field

Calculation Parameters: Magnetic field and medium are considered as uniform; the charge is considered as dimensionless and massless.

Lorentz Force Calculator
Lorentz Force Calculator Results (detailed calculations and formula below)
The Lorentz Force is N [Newton]
Lorentz Force calculation
FL = Q × E + Q × v × B × sinθ
FL = × + × × × sin()
FL = × + × × ×
FL =
Lorentz Force Calculator Input Values
Amount of charge stored in the object (Q) C [Coulomb]
Electric field (E) v/m [volt per metre]
Speed of the moving charge (v) m/s [metre per second]
Magnetic field (B) T [Tesla]
Angle between moving direction and magnetic field lines (θ) rad [radian]

Please note that the formula for each calculation along with detailed calculations are available below. As you enter the specific factors of each lorentz force calculation, the Lorentz Force Calculator will automatically calculate the results and update the Physics formula elements with each element of the lorentz force calculation. You can then email or print this lorentz force calculation as required for later use.

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Discover Physics with free Physics Revision Notes and Physics Calculator: Lorentz Force. This image shows the properties and lorentz force formula for the Lorentz Force. The Lorentz Force Calculator woll calculate the magnitude of Lorentz Force produced when a charged object is inside a uniform magnetic field when field and medium are considered uniform

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Lorentz Force Formula and Calculation

FL = Q × E + Q × v × B × sinθ

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