Lame's First Parameter in Three Dimensional Calculator

In the field of Solid Mechanics, a branch of Physics, the study of how materials deform under various types of stress is key. One important parameter in this area is Lame's First Parameter, which helps us to understand the behavior of elastic materials in three dimensions. This tutorial will delve into this concept, providing associated calculations and formulas based on the Bulk Modulus and Shear Modulus.

Lame's First Parameter in Three Dimensional Calculator
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Lame First Parameter (λ)= pascal

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Example Formula

The calculation of Lame's First Parameter (λ) in three dimensions involves the Bulk Modulus (K) and the Shear Modulus (μ), and is given by the formula:

λ = K - 2/3 × μ


  1. λ is Lame's First Parameter.
  2. K is the Bulk Modulus.
  3. μ is the Shear Modulus.

Who wrote/refined the formula

The formula was named after the French mathematician Gabriel Lamé who specialized in the field of elasticity theory in the 19th century. While the principle of elasticity is older, Lamé introduced these parameters to further refine our understanding of elastic materials.

Real Life Application

Lame's parameters are used extensively in engineering fields, especially in materials science and mechanical engineering. For example, they can help determine how a material might behave when used in the construction of a bridge or building, thereby influencing material selection and design decisions.

Key individuals in the discipline

Gabriel Lamé was a prominent mathematician in the 19th century and made significant contributions to the field of elasticity. His work on Lame's parameters continues to be of importance in understanding material behavior in modern engineering.

Interesting Facts

  1. Lame's parameters are used in the study and development of new materials, influencing the production of everything from safer cars to more resilient buildings.
  2. Lamé's work on the theory of elasticity is still relevant today, over two centuries after it was first published.
  3. Lamé was not only a mathematician but also an engineer, and his work is an example of how pure mathematics can have significant real-world applications.


Understanding Lame's First Parameter and its application is critical in the field of Solid Mechanics, particularly when dealing with the elastic behavior of materials. Whether it's designing safer infrastructure or developing new materials, the legacy of Gabriel Lamé continues to play a vital role in our world today.

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