Force Calculator

The Force Calculator is provided in support of our Physics Tutorials on Dynamics which explore Motion, the meaning of force, types of forces including gravitational force and weight, resistive forces, terminal velocity, elastic force and tension, inertia and explain Newtons Laws of Motion in clear detail with practical working examples and formula. A list of the supporting Dynamics Physics Tutorials is available at the bottom of this page. This calculator will calculate:

  1. The resultant of all forces acting on an object
  2. The acceleration caused by these forces on the object
Force Calculator
Force Calculation Results (detailed calculations and Formula below overview)
Gravitational Force (Fg)
Horizontal Component of Moving Force (Fx)
Vertical Component of Moving Force (Fy)
Normal Force (N)
Frictional Force (f)
Acceleration (a)

Please note that the formula for each calculation along with detailed calculations is shown further below this page. As you enter the specific factors of each force calculation, the force calculator will automatically calculate the results and update the formula elements with each element of the force calculation. You can then email or print this force calculation as required for later use.

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Gravitational Force Formula and Calculation

Fg = m × g
Fg = ×
Fg = N

Horizontal Component of Moving Force Formula and Calculation

Fx = |F| × cos θ
Fx = ×
Fx = N

Vertical Component of Moving Force Formula and Calculation

Fy = |F| × sin θ
Fy = ×
Fy = N

Normal Force Formula and Calculation

N = m × g - |F| × sin θ
N = × - ×
N = N

Frictional Force Formula and Calculation

f = μ × N
f = × ( × - × )
f = N

Acceleration Formula and Calculation

a = Fx - μ × N - D/m
a = ( × ) - × ( × - × ) - /b
a = - × - /b
a = m/s2

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