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The diamagnetic moment of an atom pertains to the magnetic moment induced in an atom due to an external magnetic field, creating an opposition to that field. This property emerges from the principles of Quantum Physics and Electromagnetism. In this tutorial, we'll demonstrate how to calculate the diamagnetic moment using the electronic charge, electron mass, atomic number, mean squared orbital radius, and magnetic flux density.

Diamagnetic Moment of an Atom Calculator
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Example Formula

The formula to calculate the diamagnetic moment (μd) of an atom is:

μd = - e²n⟨r²⟩B / 2me


  1. μd: Diamagnetic moment (measured in Ampere square meters, A·m2)
  2. e: Electronic charge (in coulombs, C)
  3. n: Atomic number (dimensionless)
  4. ⟨r²⟩: Mean squared orbital radius (in square meters, m2)
  5. B: Magnetic flux density (in Tesla, T)
  6. me: Electron mass (in kilograms, kg)

Who wrote/refined the formula

The understanding of diamagnetism has been developed over time by many physicists, with significant contributions from Michael Faraday and Paul Langevin. The modern formula is derived from the principles of quantum mechanics, developed in the early 20th century.

Real Life Application

Understanding the diamagnetic moment is crucial in areas such as materials science and technology, where the magnetic properties of materials are crucial. This knowledge aids in the creation of magnetic shielding, magnetic levitation devices, and the improvement of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines.

Key individuals in the discipline

Michael Faraday, a British scientist, is one of the key figures in the field of electromagnetism and made significant discoveries relating to magnetic fields. Also, Paul Langevin, a French physicist, is noted for his development of Langevin's theory of diamagnetism, a crucial advancement in understanding this phenomenon.

Interesting Facts

  • The understanding of diamagnetic properties has allowed for fascinating demonstrations, such as levitating a frog or a piece of graphite in a strong magnetic field.
  • Diamagnetism plays a crucial role in superconductors, which are materials that conduct electricity with zero resistance when cooled below a certain temperature.
  • Our comprehension of diamagnetism has led to advances in medical imaging technologies, such as MRI, dramatically improving diagnostic capabilities.


Understanding the diamagnetic moment of an atom is essential in the field of Physics, particularly within Quantum Physics and Electromagnetism. This fundamental concept has had wide-ranging implications, enabling advancements in medical technology, material science, and beyond, emphasizing the value of deepening our knowledge in this area.

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