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Alfven velocity, named after the Swedish physicist Hannes Alfven, is a fundamental concept in plasma physics, a subfield of physics that deals with the study of charged particles and interactions. Alfven velocity is used to describe the speed at which information or disturbances move along magnetic field lines within a plasma. This tutorial explores the formula to calculate Alfven velocity, its practical applications, key contributors to this field, and interesting facts related to the subject.

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The Alfven velocity is calculated using the following formula:

vA = B / √(μ0 ρ)


  • vA is the Alfven velocity,
  • B is the magnetic field strength,
  • μ0 is the permeability of free space, and
  • ρ is the plasma density.

Who wrote/refined the formula

The concept of Alfven velocity and the associated formula were first introduced by Hannes Alfven, a Swedish physicist, in 1942. His work primarily revolved around magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), a field that studies the magnetic properties of electrically conducting fluids, and plasma physics. The concept of Alfven velocity is a vital part of these fields.

Real Life Application

Alfven velocity plays a crucial role in understanding space weather phenomena, particularly those related to the sun, such as solar flares and solar wind. Scientists use this concept to model the behavior of plasma in the sun's atmosphere and its effect on the Earth's magnetic field. This understanding helps in predicting solar storms, which can affect satellite communications and power grids on Earth.

Key individuals in the discipline

Hannes Alfven, the person after whom the Alfven velocity is named, is a key figure in the field of plasma physics. He won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1970 for his work in magnetohydrodynamics, which laid the foundation for important concepts like Alfven waves and Alfven velocity.

Interesting Facts

  1. Alfven velocity and related concepts have made it possible to study and understand many astrophysical phenomena, including the behavior of plasma in the sun and the auroras on Earth.
  2. Hannes Alfven's pioneering work on Alfven waves and velocity has fundamentally changed our understanding of the universe. It has opened up new avenues in space exploration and satellite technology.
  3. The concepts derived from Alfven's work are not just limited to physics but also have applications in other areas such as engineering and space technology.


The understanding of Alfven velocity is crucial in plasma physics and has significant implications in astrophysics, space weather prediction, and satellite technology. It's a testament to the pioneering work of Hannes Alfven and his contributions to our understanding of the universe. As we continue to explore the cosmos, the concept of Alfven velocity will continue to play a vital role in interpreting and understanding our observations.

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